Our Age of Austerity

It’s the beginning of the age of austerity

Though I imagine for you, as for me

That’s it has always been that way

Watching the pennies, living day to day

Not that I have it bad

And I’m no class warrior like my dad

But I never needed that much on which to live

Sure, I wish I had more to give

To the partner who may or may not exist

The children I think about when I’m pissed

I know I could work more, save a bit for those rainy days

But I’m enjoying my hazy days where I can gaze

At cormorants on the River Lea

It makes me feel a little bit free

Because all I have to fend for is me

Since I stopped worrying about property

Since I realised that being single was OK

Since I realised I wasn’t going astray

Since I remembered that tomorrow is another day