Punk Rock Curiosities #1

Anyway who knows me well will probably know that i'm rather partial to a bit of punk rock, especially British punk rock. This is my home and it is what speaks to me the most. 

A real love / obsession of mine for years now has been the anarcho-punk scene of the 1980's, a time that gave us a whole slew of varied and utterly fascinating bands. Obvious names like Crass, Confllict and the Subhuman you may have heard of - and if you have not, do so - but lately i've been delving once again into Ian Glasper's excellent book 'The Day The Country Died' and listening to a lot more of the obscure names interviewed within. This has allowed me access to such obscure bands as the Liberty, the Instigators and Kronstadt Uprising but most curious for a nerd like myself was the mention of a band called Karma Sutra - unable to track them down for interview, all that is mentioned by Glasper is that they produced an ambitious slice of melodic anarcho punk sometime in the late 80's, and contributed a few tracks to various compilations on conflict's Mortarhate label. 

I managed to download the album and was really pleasantly surprise by what I discovered - a really intriguing mix of post-punk guitars, more traditional anarcho style punk, and folk that is akin to the Levellers. (or maybe Chumbawamba's 'English Rebel Song') Yes, really. It doesn't always quite gel, but I found the album to be a great listen and exemplifying the creativity of some of the UK punk scene, something that continues to this day.

So all i'll say is try and get a hold of Karma Sutra's one and only album 'The Daydreams of a Production Worker' which is easy to download but utterly unavailable on LP or CD. Apparently Active Distribution are looking into possibly re-releasing it, which would be fantastic as this is something more people definitely need to hear. Recommended for fans of melodic punk rock, the Levellers, New Model Army, and Chumbawamba.