Punk and Beyond

 Gee Vaucher, 'Our Father'

There is currently a very interesting exhibition at the Signal Gallery, near Shoreditch, entitled 'Punk and Beyond'. Curated by Gaye Advert, the exhibition showcases the artworks by a number of punk musicians and other people involved in the formation of the punk scene. 

The punk scene has always had a very striking visual component, and I was very keen to see what kind of visual work some of my punk heroes had created.

The main draw for me was the fact that the exhibition featured art work by three members of Crass, Gee Vaucher, Penny Rimbaud and Eve Libertine. In addition to this, there were some paintings by one of my anarcho-punk heroes, Dick Lucas of Subhumans/Culture Shock/Citizen Fish. This was enough to drag me down to Shoreditch and investigate. 

The quality of the work on display ranges massively in quality, as you'd expect, but I would thoroughly recommend anyone interested in the punk scene, or art created by people not traditionally thought of as artists, to head down and check it out. Highlights would be some of Jamie Reid's pieces, such as the iconic 'Anarchy in the UK' image he created for the Sex Pistols, Dick Lucas's work, the aforementioned Crass members, as well as an area devoted to the late Poly Styrene, with various portraits of her (there's a truly terrible one by Charlie Harper from UK Subs) as well as some excellent photography of various female punk icons such as Poly herself, Ari Up and Gaye Advert. The work on display is as varied and diverse as the punk scene itself. Recommended.

The exhibition is on until the 17th of December at the Signal Gallery. More information can be found here: http://www.signalgallery.com

Penny Rimbaud 'Portrait of My Mother'

Eve Libertine Untitled Print

Dick Lucas, 'Flood'