I haven't updated the website in a while due to various reasons of moving, holidays and other general life changes.

However there have been a few new things worth talking about.

My story 'Breakdown', which had been commissioned by The Short Anthology about 18 months ago, has appeared in the handsome second volume of that journal. It's a personal favourite of mine, and I'm very happy to see it in print finally. The story takes inspiration from the photograph prompts – photos of the the Black Forest in Germany – and various stories drawn from my only family history, presented in a way I'd like to think of as modern folk horror. It's a piece of short fiction that I'm very proud of so I hope people get to read it.

I have a story coming out in (I think) September from Galley Beggar Press's singles club called 'We Are Nothing but Reeds', a story directly inspired by a trip to Brancaster Staithe with the Ambit magazine team, namely the small seal colony up there. It's a melancholy piece that also draws heavily on the Hookland mythology for its energy.

Other upcoming work will be appearing in the nascent Panorama Journal – a story called 'Our Own Archipelago' – and a piece called 'Shell Grottoes' for In Shades Magazine about my home town of Whitstable and the actor Peter Cushing who lived there, weaving this in with C.L. Nolan's folklore and various Kentish myths I invented for Folklore Thursday and thought I should develop a bit further.

I'm also lucky to be working on some brilliant new books from both Unsung Stories and Influx Press, all out in 2017. These range from dream punk fantasy to some of the best weird fiction I've yet come across, to some wonderful new takes on landscape/place writing and a book by Eley Williams that is going to blow you away.

Books I've read that have been doing the business lately are:

  • Vertigo by Joanna Walsh
  • Beast by Paul Kingsnorth
  • So Long, Hector Bebb by Ron Berry
  • The Edge of the World: How the North Sea Made Us What We Are by Michael Pye

Event-wise, I will be generally loitering at the Caught by the River Thames festival this weekend. I'm looking forward to catching up with a number of friendly faces, listening some interesting talks, and seeing one of my heroes since childhood, Chris Packham. 

The weekend after that I will be at the Nine Worlds festival in London, manning the Unsung Stories stall. There are a ton of interesting panels about speculative fiction there, including brilliant writers like Catriona Ward, Lavie Tidhar, Aliya Whiteley, Oliver Langmead, Angela Slatter and many, many more. 

August 16th is Unsung Live at The Star of Kings – spaces are going really fast.

Augusts 17th i'm at Housmans talking about An Unreliable Guide to London with Tim Burrows, Stephen Thompson and Juliet Jacques. It's part of the 'London's Burning' season, look at radical writing and the city, and we were chuffed to be asked. All event info is here.

There should be some more Unreliable Guide events coming up, so watch this space. The book has legs, as they say.