Very happy to announce that I have a story – 'Hovering (Or, a recollection of 25 February 2015)' – in this upcoming anthology THIS DREAMING ISLE from Unsung Stories. It's crowdfunding on Kickstarter now! All the information is here:



Something strange is happening on British shores. 

Britain has a long history of folk tales, ghost stories and other uncanny fictions, and these literary ley lines are still shimmering beneath the surface of this green and pleasant land. Every few generations this strangeness crawls out from the dark places of the British imagination, seeping into our art and culture. We are living through such a time. 

This Dreaming Isle is an anthology of new horror stories and weird fiction with a distinctly British flavour, edited by Dan Coxon. It collects together fourteen brand new horrifying or unsettling stories that draw upon the landscape and history of the British Isles for their inspiration. Some explore the realms of myth and legend, others are firmly rooted in the present, engaging with the country’s forgotten spaces.

As we struggle to imagine what Britain will look like post-Brexit - after the power struggles and the in-fighting, the failed negotiations and the resignations - This Dreaming Islequestions who we are and who we are becoming. Rooted in folk tales and local legends, these stories also offer an unsettling, frightening glimpse of our nation today.

This Dreaming Isle reclaims the dark heart of Britain’s literary legacy. Featuring new stories from:

  • Ramsey Campbell, multi-award winning author of over 40 novels
  • Andrew Michael Hurley, author of The Loney and Devil's Day
  • Catriona Ward, author of Rawblood and Little Eve
  • Jenn Ashworth, author of Fell, Cold Light and more
  • Gareth E. Rees, author of Marshland and The Stone Tide 
  • Tim Lebbon, screenwriter and author of over 35 books including Dusk, The Silence and Relics
  • Aliya Whiteley, author of The Beauty, The Arrival of Missives and The Loosening Skin
  • Stephen Volk, screenwriter and author of Whitstable, Monsters in the Heart and more 
  • James Miller, author of UnAmerican Activities, Lost Boys and Sunshine State
  • Jeannette Ng, author of Under the Pendulum Sun
  • Richard V. Hirst, co-author of The Night Visitors 
  • Alison Moore, author of The Lighthouse, Missing and more 
  • Gary Budden, author of Hollow Shores
  • Angela Readman, author of Don’t Try This at Home and The Book of Tides


Dan Coxon is part of the editorial team at Unsung Stories, as well as owning the editing and proofreading company Momus Editorial. His book Being Dad won Best Anthology 2016 at the Saboteur Awards. He currently edits The Shadow Booth, a bi-annual journal of weird and eerie fiction.