So Hollow Shores is very nearly reaching completion. Last few tweaks and edits are being made – cover reveal and general announcements coming soon!

In the meantime here's a very short extract from a brand new story in the collection called 'The Wrecking Days'. Enjoy.

The vampire hunter lived in our town, pedaling its small streets on an antiquated bicycle. He’s famous, I remember my mum whispering to me as a kid. I saw him once during the Oyster Festival, standing on the beach just staring at the little ones as they constructed the oyster cairns, shell grottoes lit from within by flickering candlelight. On the Hollow Shore we had our own way of fending off the darkness, a darkness I could always sense. I saw my friends, my family, the relationships I entered into, as bursts of brief pyrotechnics or slow flickering flame that lit up the endless night. All to be ultimately extinguished, but that was not the point. The fight against the void, that’s what life was about. That’s what the wrecking days were to me. Our doomed resistance.