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Divided Cities with Bahriye Kemal, Paul Scraton and Gary Budden


If you know where to look, urban landscapes provoke us to journey through the melting pots of ideas, cultures and histories built into its concrete. Writers Bahriye Kemal, Paul Scraton and Gary Budden share vivid portraits of their cities, from militarised borders, from remembering divided pasts and places more imagined than real.

Poet, writer and academic Bahriye Kemal is the editor of Nicosia Beyond Barriers (Saqi Books), a vital collection of vivid writing from 35 Cypriot authors, poets and artists on both sides of the city’s militarised border in a celebration of Nicosia’s divided past, shared present and hopefully future.

Based in Berlin, Paul Scraton is a British-born writer and editor. Built on Sand (Influx Press) is a fragmented novel of stories from Berlin. A city-long celebrated by artists and outcasts, it collects stories of exile, trauma, mythology and folklore and how the past shapes our understanding of the present.

Gary Budden is a writer, editor and the co-founder of award-winning independent publisher, Influx Press. His book Hollow Shores (Dead Ink), blends weird fiction and landscape punk from stories across London, Kent, Finland and the imagined Hollow Shore, a place where things fall apart, waste away and fade from memory.