Hollow Shores – published by Dead Ink Books, October 2017

Judderman  (as D.A. Northwood) – published by Dead Ink Books, late 2018. Part of the Eden Book Society.


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'We Rip Holes In Their Paper Faces To Give Them Sight'
The Lonely Crowd (Jan 2019)

'Hovering (or, a Recollection of February 25th, 2015)'
This Dreaming Isle (ed. Dan Coxon, Unsung Stories)

'Where No Shadows Fall'
Tales from the Shadow Booth Volume. 1

'Breakdown' – reprinted in Year's Best Weird Fiction 4
(ed. Helen Marshall & Michael Kelly, Undertow)

'We are Nothing but Reeds' Galley Beggar Singles

Tonttukirkko (Annexe) – OUT OF PRINT

'Breakdown' – The Short Anthology #2

'Knotweed' – Galley Beggar Singles

'Deadhouse, Marigold Messiah' – PUSH #20

'Saltmarsh' – Longlisted for the London Short Story Prize 2015. Appears in the Upshots anthology. 

'Greenteeth' – Black Static #50, shortlisted for a 2017 British Fantasy Award

'Up and Coming' –  PUSH 2 anthology (East London Press)

'The Hollow Shore' Unthology 7 (Unthank Books)

'Brocken Spectre'Brittle Star #35

'Coming on Strong' – Prole #12

'Mission Drift' – Under the Radar #13

'Ren' – The Lonely Crowd #3

'Gills' – Bare Fiction #4

'Internal Riot' – Boscombe Revolution #2

'To This Day' – Boscombe Revolution #3

'The Restoration' – Fugue: A Collection of Contemporary Short Stories (The Siren)

'The Exhibition' – Connecting Nothing with Something (Influx Press)

'Tautologies' – Acquired for Development By . . . A Hackney Anthology (Influx Press)

'Staples Corner, and How we Can Know It' – An Unreliable Guide to London (Influx Press)

'Yes Sir, I Will (or, The Patricians)' (a poem, I'm sorry) Rising #63


'Gnostic annarcho-punk anti pastoral visions' – forthcoming essay with Strange Attractor Press

'Icon' – The Migrant Waders anthology (Dunlin Press)

'The Fifth Continent: Romney Marsh' – Elsewhere: A Journal of Place #1

'Hollowshores' – Structo #13


'The Scorched Music of the Emperor Worm' Coffin Bell (Autumn 2018)

'Falsies'Open Pen

'Baleen' Unofficial Britain

'Kitove Usi' (Croatian translation of 'Baleen' by Mia Pervan) – European Literature Network

'Shell Grottoes' – In Shades Magazine

'Our Own Archipelago' – Panorama

'Spearbird'– Terrain

'Platforms'– The Jawline Review

'Horsa' – Litro

'Bent Branches' – The Cadaverine

'Brougham Road, 1982' – The Cadaverine

'Beltain' – The Cadaverine

'Dieback' reprinted in Big Echo SF

'Dieback' – Unofficial Britain

'Magnesium Burns' – Smoke: A London Peculiar

'The White Wound' – The Journal of Wild Culture

'Fox Omens' – Inkspill

'Soft City, Fantastic Metropolis' – Dead Ink

'The Jolly Butcher's Lament' – The Menacing Hedge


The Warren is Empty: Watership Down at 40 The Quietus

Awake, Awake Sweet England – Why We Need Landscape PunkThe Quietus

Emotional Geographies: A Quintet – Dead Ink

Towpath Closed: Crossrail Coming Londnr

From The Ramblers To Punk: Why We Need A New Age Of Trespass – The Quietus

Things Learned At: Caught by the River Thames (with Tim Burrows) – The Quietus

Seeing the Great God Pan: The occult in fiction – Unsung Stories

On the trail of the Green Man: An Interview with Nina Lyon – Unofficial Britain

The Weird Tale – Thresholds

'The Landscape Weird' – Unsung Stories

'The Crouch End Spriggan' – Folklore Thursday

'Heaven is a marsh in Winter' w/ Maxim Peter Griffin – Unofficial Britain

'This Far East: Beckton and Barking' – Elsewhere: A Journal of Place

On 'The Hollow Shore' – Unthank Books

'The Portrait Bench'– Gorse

'On Writing "Ren"'The Lonely Crowd

'Warning to the Curious: The Christmas Ghost Story'– Unsung Stories

'Parakeets and Purity' – The Learned Pig

'Rye's Valhalla' w/ Gareth E. Rees– The Learned Pig

'No Rural Fantasy: The anti-pastoral of Cynan Jones'– The Learned Pig

'Firepit Collective's To the Lost: folk songs and landscape punks' – Unofficial Britain

'Common Ground: Rob Cowen on Edgeland Literature, Psychogeography & Nature Writing' – Unofficial Britain

'Specifics: Thoughts on Birds and Birdwatching' – Unofficial Britain

'Election Night in Aberystwyth with Niall Griffiths' – Unofficial Britain

'Five Things I Learned on Cricklewood Broadway' – Unofficial Britain

'Same Result, Every Year: A day out in 1066 country' – Unofficial Britain

'The Shell Grotto' – Unofficial Britain

'Beowulf in Faversham? In search of a Kentish Grendel' – Unofficial Britain

'Firepit Collective's To the Lost: Folk songs and landscape punks' – Unofficial Britain

'In Whitstable'The Journal of Wild Culture

'The Anti-Canon: Niall Griffiths'– Influx Press

'The Anti-Canon: The Price of Nostalgia - the novels of Jim Crace'– Influx Press

'The Anti-Canon: The Hunter by Julia Leigh'– Influx Press

'Redeveloped Memories'The Hackney Citizen