Where, and how, does nature writing intersect with architectural criticism? Urban exploration? Hauntology? Nationalism and fascism? This week, Tom Overton talks to writer and Influx Press co-founder Gary Budden about how his collection 'Hollow Shores' blends nature writing and weird fiction, his collaborations with filmmaker and fellow Influx author Adam Scovell and illustrator Maxim Peter Griffin, how writers as aesthetically and politically diverse as Derek Jarman and Henry Williamson have represented the English landscape, and more.

Listen to my interview with Inés G. Labarta for The Wandering Bard, about landscape punk, Hollow Shores and more.

'Greenteeth' is short wyrd fiction super-8 film based on my story of the same name. It follows the gradual disintegration of a girl living on a canal boat in Kensal Green as the folklore of Jenny Greenteeth begins to manifest through her social problems.

Gary Budden chats his new book Hollow Shores (Dead Ink Books) and his own role at Influx Press!

LONDON: Fernando Sdrigotti, Harry Gallon, Honor Gavin, and myself discuss the relationship between London and literature. William Wyld reads a London-set poem.

Launching a new series of episodes about place, Scott Manley Hadley chats to Winnie M Li, Andrej Nikolaidis and Aleksandar Prokopiev and myself about travel and tourism.

Trailer for Adam Scovell's super-8 adaptation of my short wyrd fiction, 'Greenteeth' (nominated for a British Fantasy Award 2017 for best short story). The film follows the strange thoughts of a young woman who now lives a tense, stressful life on a barge moored on Kensal Green canal, haunted by the presence of something unnerving whose spirit lives in the water.

I featured as guest on Episode 7 of The Paperchain Podcast.

A trip out to the far east of Barking and Beckton with @DeadGull. Music is here https://soundcloud.com/lea-mouth-277/this-far-east if you want. Video by Martin Fuller.

The audio of the Unofficial Britain talk at Stoke Newington Literary Festival, 2015. I was speaking alongside Tina Richardson, Gareth E. Rees and David Southwell.

Gareth E. Rees and I recount our fateful trip to the Rye Harbour reserve at Camaradefest, Bethnal Green, London

Kit Caless and myself reading Kent tales from Connecting Nothing with Something, November 22nd, 2014 at the Betsey Trotwood in Farringdon, London.

Me reading 'Platforms' as part of the Mahu series. Mahu was an exhibition by SJ Fowler at the Hardy Tree Gallery, in Kings Cross, London running from June 6th to 27th 2015.